Our Story

As our name suggests, at Pulse Exotics we focus on the small universe of automobiles that have earned the name ‘classic’ or ‘exotic’. These special machines are not just the sum of their parts. They have souls and the connection that owners form with them is often deeply emotional.

For Pulse Exotics founder Roger Arlen, his automobile passion started as a toddler with a ~1965 Matchbox model of a Ford Mustang Fastback. Captivated by the design of all sports cars, young Roger could be convinced to eat vegetables if it might lead to the opportunity to add to his Matchbox, Hot Wheel or Corgi car collections. Roger’s toy car collection, including the well-loved Mustang, is still intact and is a prized reminder of the origins of what would become life-long automobile passion.

Roger’s connection with cars continued to expand as he grew older. He prided himself on knowing the make and model of all cars on the road. He passed time on family road trips playing “call-it” with his brother Steven from the back of the family’s Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser (yes, with a Rocket 455). In high school, he had a ‘you have to wake up really early’ paper route because it was the only job he could keep that would allow him to play tennis and earn enough money to keep his first car, a used Datsun 280Z, running.

Professionally, Roger went on to become a successful entrepreneur in the financial services industry. Part of his motivation to do well in business was the ability to create first-hand experiences with some of the world’s greatest cars. This included both amateur sports car racing and founding a car sharing club. Along the way, Roger created wonderful shared experiences with scores of “car people,” many of whom are now his closest friends.

Pulse Exotics is a family business, with Roger being supported in the formation and launch of the company by his son Eric, who runs all social and web assets. Pulse Exotics specializes in European marques like Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati and more. While most of the automobiles we handle are pre-owned, we also help clients source hard to get new cars. We welcome the opportunity to work with you to make your classic and exotic car journey a part of our story.